Dreamtherapy (2011)

2.Shades Of Nothing4:41text
3.Taste My Pain7:04text
4.Lost In The Dead End3:16text
5.Creator Of Time6:32text
6.Nothing Remains4:06text
8.Burned By The Sun3:35text
9.Glass Mountain4:48text
10.Wheel Of Sorrow12:19text

Vojtěch Šimoník – vocals
Michal Kůs – guitars & vocals
Michal Jankuliak – guitars
Jiří Fiala – bass
Zdeněk Vémola – drums

Produced by Roland Grapow
Guest vocals and guitar solos by Roland Grapow
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Roland Grapow at GrapowStudios January/March 2011
All music & lyrics written by Michal Kus except #4 (music by Kus, Simonik/lyrics by Kus) and #8 (music & lyrics by Michal Jankuliak)
Keyboards programmed by Michal Kus and Michal Jankuliak
All arrangements by Eagleheart
Bandphotos by Necrania Chmurella
Cover artwork and layout by DisArt design

Moment Of Life (2008)

2.At The End Of Forever4:41text
3.Into The Sky7:04text
5.Don't Turn Your Head6:32text
6.Damned By Yourself4:06text
7.Tears Of Rain4:29text
8.Moment Of Life3:35text
9.Out Of The Time4:48
10.In Despair4:06text
11.Life Goes Fast7:39text

Vojtěch Šimoník – vocals
Michal Kůs – guitars & vocals
Martin Klekner – guitars
Jiří Fiala – bass
Zdeněk Vémola – drums

Produced by Eagleheart
Guest musicians:
Georgi "Džoro" Enchev - guitar solo on "Life Goes Fast"
Moment Of Life choir - René "Perry" David, Zdeňka Šichová, Vojtěch Šimoník, Michal Kůs
"Prologue" narrated by Perry

Drums recorded by Jakub Homola at studio Sklep in June 2007
Guitars and bass recorded by Georgi "Džoro" Enchev at WaveRecords studio in June 2007
Vocals recorded by Pavel Hlavica at studio Shaark in September 2007
Mixed and mastered by Pavel Hlavica and Eagleheart at studio Shaark in November/December 2007
All arrangements by Eagleheart
Keyboards programmed by Zdeněk Vémola and Michal Kůs
Photos by Petr Fajkoš - www.fajkos.com
Cover artwork by Tomáš Šenkýř
Booklet designed by Tomáš Šenkýř and Michal Kůs

Black Sun (demo 2005)

1.Into Eternity1:50
2.Buried Alive4:11text
3.Black Sun5:18text
4.Time Has Come5:48text
5.Black Sun (radio edit)3:21

Vojtěch Šimoník – vocals
Michal Kůs – guitars & vocals
Tomáš Cafourek – guitars
Jiří Fiala – bass
Zdeněk Vémola – drums

Produced by Eagleheart
Recorded by Dag at Forest Studio in May 2005
Mixed, mastered and additional guitars recorded by Igor Mores at MY Studio in November 2005
All music and lyrics written by Mike except track #3 lyrics written by Mike/Wagner
All song arrangements by Eagleheart
Cello on tracks #4 and #5 played by Markéta Vrbková
Keyboards programmed by Mike
Cover artworks by Tomáš Šenkýř
Logo and booklet designed by Mike
Band photos by Jitush


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